An in depth breakdown of Nikita Draguna€™s commitment

An in depth breakdown of Nikita Draguna€™s commitment

Nikita Dragun (aka Mama Dragun) are an American YouTuber, design, and makeup singer. Dragun gathered fame for being candid about this lady sexuality. She’s transgender, and she in depth this lady improvement on YouTube for her followers observe. Nikita try an advocate for system positivity, open sexuality, and self-discovery.

Dragun can a talented cosmetics musician, and a few of appearances she brings become renowned. Her form range, Dragun charm often offers completely in a few minutes after she produces a new set. Nikita is amongst the trendsetters within the charm and fashion business. This woman is set to generate her docuseries debut within the Snapchat Docuseries called Nikita Unfiltered.

Nikita might tangled up in a great amount of crisis since the lady on the web job begun. Element of that crisis keeps involved the girl relationships. This section will breakdown Nikita’s interactions.

She states have been in a connection with model and real life star Michael Yerger

Nikita’s relationship with Michael began whenever she employed your to behave as her date in a video clip. Afterwards videos is posted, the two started initially to appear together on social media marketing. Michael and Nikita appeared as if a proper partners, plus , Nikita verified in a Q&A videos that she and Michael were internet dating.

Dragun announced that she was guarded about stepping into an union because she had not ever been in an union prior to. She reported inside movie that she experienced that Michael undoubtedly enjoyed her if the connection had gotten physical. Nikita claimed:

a€?It had been initially in my own transition or womanhood that I’d men that I really enjoyed and simply men in general tell me that he preferred myself…a€?

Nikita appeared delighted, but in , Nikita fell the bombshell in a video clip called I got my heart-broken. Dragun stated that Michael was in fact utilizing their partnership as a way of progressing their profession hence the guy never really liked their. She in addition mentioned that Michael cheated on the, and she sensed that the union needed to finish. Nikita stated from inside the videos:

a€?It truly tossed me personally because we never practiced that problems like that inner heartbreak. To be honest, i have experienced problems on all grade. My personal drilling life is discomfort. I’ve received eight hour operations. I have this, I’ve had gotten that. Nip, tuck, removed, and whatever. Little could amount to the pain that we noticed once this all happened.a€?

Michael Yerger responded by declaring that the union between your and Nikita was actually contractual

Michael Yerger taken care of immediately Nikita by saying which he was actually never in a consensual connection along with her. He reported in a long Instagram tales blog post that he ended up being hired by Nikita through his modeling team to do something as the girl date. Michael mentioned that his association with Nikita assisted his profession, but the guy never ever requested some of it. The guy composed:

a€?Let it is identified that my entire life is modifying for the best at this point. Various tags from their and she is starting doorways personally left and right. We more or less got brought out of woodwork from the lady a€?fake sweetheart tip… I’m not sure Hollywood better at this point and that I think that this is certainly a regular move to make discover triumph in the market and I think nothing from it.a€?

Yerger advertised he began obtaining unpleasant once the videos he had related to Nikita begun getting ultimately more direct. He mentioned the sweetheart Q&A movie had been tough doing because he had to sit concerning the information on En Д°yi Erotik ArkadaЕџlД±k Sitesi her artificial partnership. Michael wanted to get-out, but he had been immersed in the lifetime that Dragun supplied him.

The guy experimented with as much as possible not to ever enter into a genuine partnership with Nikita, and then he created reasons in order to prevent are by yourself with her. Nikita said that Michael duped if they comprise with each other during Coachella. Michael refuted the woman state by saying that the look of them together at Coachella had been another industrial transaction, and he was not obliged to remain faithful to the woman. He had written:

a€?I became obligated to bring the woman a fantasy face-to-face and on camera when I proceeded to say sure towards the potential. The pain we inflicted got never ever deliberate, but instead innocent and haphazard… I just wanted to quit experience like I became living a lie being pushed into a lifestyle and a scene that i did not determine if I actually ever realized and on occasion even wanted.a€?

Nikita are rumored become dating Chase Stobbe but she does not seem to have obtained over Michael

During the early , Nikita posted a photo of by herself visiting alongside a puzzle people in Miami. She made use of emojis to disguise the person’s face, but it ended up being shortly verified are social media marketing star Chase Stobbe. Chase supported the hearsay when he posted a photo of himself and Nikita calming because of the swimming pool.

Fourteen days before Nikita uploaded the photograph alongside Chase, she courted controversy whenever she assaulted Michael Yerger and his girl Daisy Keech via a tweet uploaded on fifteenth Summer. a€?I isn’t even angry whenever I read my ex with another girl,a€? Nikita had written. a€?Like you going to be just like embarrassed when I was actually when you uncover what he’s truly about.a€?

Michael reacted by making reference to their earlier relationship with Nikita as a joke. a€?You nonetheless like making use of that keyword a€?ex’ lmfaoo this has been much too long to keep bugging about a classic joke. Wish you the best Nikita,a€? Michael answered.

Although Nikita’s seemed to direct the woman commentary at Michael, Daisy considered in with a reply. She quoted Nikita’s tweet and penned, a€?Nikita, whatever happened is in the past. There is need to rip rest down. I hope it is possible to progress and become delighted. We truly wish the finest.a€?

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