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    Background verification process is considered to be highly effective way of reducing or minimizing the potential risk to organizations/individuals. In today’s scenario when deceive/fraud has grabed the entire sphere of life including Education Employment,


    Thorough employment verification for an organization, is considered to be highly effective way of minimizing and safeguarding against any threat. Increasing instance of employees misleading their background and experience has led many companies to make the hiring process more stringent. In absence of this company image and reputation is at stake.

An increasing incident of following activities like:

  • Data theft
  • Theft of financial and confidential information
  • Terrorist working as employee, threat to employee safety and security.
  • Sexual harassment by their peers or colleague.
  • Lack of knowledge and expertise on a particular project

Why Background verification is required:

  • Bad name to an organization
  • Low employee morale
  • Business Loss
  • Threat to safety and security
  • Legal Hassle
  • Adverse media coverage


Education Verification:  It involves verifying the authenticity of candidate’s educational and professional qualifications through official channels at the educational/professional institutions.

Employment Verification:  Employment verification involves checking the veracity of candidates claim about his/her previous employment records with the HR or Reporting Manager.

Address Verification:  Physical visit to candidates (Current/Previous/Permanent) address is done.

Police Record Verification:  Verification is conducted to undisclosed criminal history(if any) of the candidate in the jurisdiction where he/she currently residing or had resided

Professional Reference Check:  It involves telephonic verification about the candidate’s integrity, behavior and character.

Pan Card Verification:  Verification of the authenticity of the Pan Card with the Pan card issuing authority.

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