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    In today’s troubled world, safe transportation of cash, and other valuables are a major concern of every organization. With globalization and privatization taking the front seat in India, competition has spurred up in a big way in every industry. Banks are looking for outsourcing their Cash Management activities to professional Security & Cash Management organizations to concentrate & address their core activities.

Our Services

  • Cash–In–Transit-Secure Movement of Cash.
  • Vaulting-In State-of-the-art vaults built to international specifications.
  • ATM Management-Daily replenishments/Maintenance of ATMs.
  • Cash Processing-Processing of cash in ATM fit/Customer fit/Soiled and Counterfeit notes.
  • Cashier–Trained cashiers for various cash management activities at the customer’s locations

Our Vaults

  • Our vaults are made on the basis of international specifications.
  • Our vaults are 18” RCC, 6 sides (including roof & floor).
  • Our vaults are fitted with cameras, pressure sensors, PIR Movement Detectors, Combination Locks.
  • The above systems are controlled by an Access Control system & surveillance system.
  • Loading bays, Interconnecting doors, Emergency Sirens, Central Monitoring Stations, Fire fighting systems are other salient features of our vaults.
  • We always follow a dual control system for operating our vaults.


24x/7, Call Centre:

    The team of personal who are having experience with CRA and other various industries for receiving and dispatching calls related to ATM. The facility contains, 3 MTNL connection, 2 Reliance connection.

Data Management:

    The Data Management team is having a minimum of 4 years exp and equipped with desktop and internet connections. The reports generated are as follows:

  • Daily Cash Replenishment Report
  • Daily Vault Balance Report
  • Consumable Report
  • Daily FLM Report
  • MIS Report
  • Takeover Report


Access Control:

    A user needs both a combination and a Smart Key to access the lock.

One Time Combination™:

    A One Time Combination (OTC) is dispatched each time access is required to open a Cencon lock in either of the OTC modes (FLM or Route mode).

Smart Key™:

    Encrypted electronic keys are used as personal identifiers to open a lock (blue F, yellow R, teal B), log in to the software (black D, S, SS), or as a device to activate or audit a lock (red SA).

Close Seal™:

    The Close Seal acts as an electronic signature, stamping the date and time on the lock and key’s memory, and allowing the software to remotely know the lock status.

3-Alarm Compatible:

    Each Cencon comes standard with the capability to connect to an existing alarm system to (#1) monitor the position of the lock bolt and (#2) send a silent duress signal by adding 10 to the combination when the user needs to open the lock at gunpoint. The lock also offers the optional shunt alarm (#3) to deactivate the alarm when a correct combination and associated Smart Key are presented.

Audit Trail:

    The Cencon lock records all lock activity up to 956 events (478 lines; 1 open and 1 close per line), and permits easy downloading of the information via a Smart Key for generating detailed audit reports.

Additional Security Options:

    Each group of lock or software access users can be configured with individual time window restrictions, the dual-mode requirement to provide two-person integrity, or a software grouping method to prevent certain users from accessing certain locks.

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